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Five months ago I purchased a property from Ryland in Ruskin, FL from Ryland Homes. It has been a disater, a big mistake.

Everytime I turn on a faucet in the house, the water smells like rotten eggs. The whole house smells awful. I cant even use the water to brush my teeth. THIS IS A NEW HOUSE but I CANNOT enjoy my investments. I can't bring people over. The living conditions are cancerous, deadly. I am afaraid to use that water. There is something wrong with the plumbing.

I keep calling and writting them to fix the problem but my calls went on death ears. THEY DO NOT CARE. At first, they said run the water but after 4 months of doing that and some $270.00 a month in water bill, I am drained. I am tired od this.

So, I am and will continue to be on a mission to stop people from buying a property from RYLAND HOMES. I do not want anyone to spend some $200K on something and can't enjoy.

Shame on RYLAND HOMES! It seems to me, they only care about making money but have no integrity.

I will not rest untill everyone in ALL states that they service knows about this.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #726849

they lied to us from the start and stole our earnest deposit, the customer service is nothing short of disgraceful, we had a real estate agent that they never ever contacted, when we reached out to them to discuss anything it would take at least a 3rd or 4th email before they would even entertain the question, with a vague response, if we called they ignored the call unless we used another telephone number, then they would tell us they would call us back, they have no customer service period, good luck to you with your endeavors, you may need a lawyer though as we found out!

Miami, Florida, United States #662642

I had the same experience with Ryland Homes, they have horrible customer service and poor quality homes. Good luck trying to get them to do anything beneficial for your house.

Cape Canaveral, Florida, United States #662518

I too live in Florida. We put a filter on the water coming into the house and no more sulpher smell.

Use your brain and the home bilder does not dictate what water comes to your home. He use whatever the local water supply is.

to alq Wellington, Florida, United States #662614

It's not about using their brain. As new home buyers in a new area they should have been notified of the issue concerning the water.

They should not have to spend additional money to BUY a water filter unless it was warned to them. I am also from Florida and I would be PISSED if no one notified me of the poor water Ryland Homes let it's Ruskin buyers have. Yes, it would be smart for them to get a water filter however it would also be appropriate for ryland homes to cover the cost of it in my opinion. My friend in Tampa has a similiar problem and her issue was neglected by Ryland Homes which is why I would never purchase a house from them.

The way they deal with their home owners is disgusting and poor. Home sellers should inform the buyer of what they are getting into especially if the buyer asks.

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