Ryland Homes - Worst customer service ever

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OMG- thanks for sharing all this... and i have been hunting for the new home and happened to meet with Ryland folks on majority of the communities in Atlanta and all are unprofessional & unethical sales people and they don't even know the proper measurement if you ask on any of the lots and if you ask any indepth questions look at their faces they freak out...and having some sought of knowledge and they just speak some *** irrelevant stories to make relation and sell the properties and what ever they promise and will not deliver and i happened to have some questions and one VP of sales and he is one dummy candidate don't know what to say about him and he responds to the sales guys and when i was looking at his response gosh... no words...he is good for nothing....


Product or Service Mentioned: Ryland Homes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Ryland Homes - Sales rep in Charlotte needs to come off her throne

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Customer service

I had the displeasure of dealing with one of the most arrogant sales representatives I have ever encountered in my life. One would assume that if you were buying a new home that the representative from the home builder would try to be helpful and treat you accordingly since I am directly or indirectly paying your wages.

If you want to be disrespected or treated like you are dumb then go see this woman named Desiree at the Ryland Model Home in Hucks Landing in Charlotte. This woman needs to find herself another career because she is a queen of BS. I have met more informative contractors and builders than she professes to be and will tell you anything sh believes you want to hear to make a sale.

Ryland, you are hurting your reputation with this woman. Buyers stay away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryland Homes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Styling.

I didn't like: Sales rep attitude.


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1346537

I will respond to this with the highest fashion of class, professionalism but with some key points of clarity to any readers.

This is a very personal attack on my character and my integrity, which are 2 attributes I uphold dearly. In times past, I would not address such foolishness with a dignified response but in this present time in my life and career, it is absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone no matter what you do or give them. I was taught that from some of the most successful individuals in the country via training. Those that know me, know me to be giving, humble but proud of my work. We should all be proud of our work and accomplishments.

In any business that you work with, no matter the side of the transaction you are on, you may encounter nasty people that don't care about people, let alone you. This is one of those cases.

I can remember being asked by another potential buyer, "Why is he so angry and nasty towards you? He doesn't treat the other person like that. He should be ashamed." I put my head down and did not respond to the visitor.

They also asked me if he was treating this way because I was " culturally different"? Again I didn't answer just moved on to working with them. I didn't want the nastiness that they witnessed to distract them from the wonder moments they were creating in their new home journey.

Unfortunately, this was a very disturbing situation that made me stronger as I overcame this type of obstacle. There have been more since this time but I learned to not take it personally when you are attacked in business, especially for things beyond your control.

I hope if another new home rep reads this they are inspired and learn to not take it personal but instead keep pushing ahead.

I also hope the person reading this now has a better understanding and probably can relate in some form or another. Desiree


Not surprised, I'm a local Realtor who have had repeated issues with this agent. Not surprising she doesn't even have a Real Estate License.

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