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Ryland Homes is building a new subdivision behind me. I've had two major water leaks for the first time ever since they put a huge generator back there for the lift station they are building RIGHT behind my home.

The vibrations from the generator shook my whole house. They dug a very deep hole for the lift station right against my fence. They told me they would replace my fence if there was any damage. They had to use wood to prop my fence up on their side so it wouldn't fall in the hole.

My fence is now bowed and leaning. I'm told the fence they are putting up around their subdivision will "replace" mine. Once they finish the lift station they will finish the fence and then I can "just remove my old fence." I've asked several times if the fence will be right up against my side fencing since I have dogs. They assure me it will be.

We shall see. I think they should put the new fence they are using on my sides as well. It's not like I can just go buy it to match the sides to the back myself. They ruined my fence and want me to remove it myself once they put up a fence they were putting up anyway.

Not much compensation for the damage. Also the elevation of the houses behind me is so high it's at least halfway up the fence. Can you imagine seeing your neighbors in their yard ABOVE the fence line? I will now have to plant large trees to have privacy in my own backyard, at my expense.

I have spoken to a couple supervisors on the job but they just apologize, shrug and say it's been approved. Yes, approved at meetings that they advertise for in magazines like the Theifty Nickel. That's an upstanding way to run a business and "build a community" right? What about the community that was already here?

I see workers all the time above my fence line, even trucks driving by in full view above the fence. I've included pictures to show the elevation differences and a couple pictures from my bathroom window to show the workers above the fence line. I just want them to fence my yard with the new fence they're using. The land they are building on was all trees and wildlife.

They pulled it all out. They could have left perimeter trees or replant some at least. No one seems to know what the landscaping will be.

Right now the land slopes down toward the fence to my yard. It's not easy to get anyone to talk to me so maybe this will help them listen and to get the word out.

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I think you may need to contact an attorney. From our experience, Ryland doesn't even care about the homes they build so I doubt that they would care about your situation.


Maybe you should point your concerns to your city or local council-person who was put in their position to watch out for the residents and let them know what is going on in their town. It sounds like you wouldn't be happy no matter was was built RIGHT behind your house whether it be a big box store or a autoshop.

to Man Up #879256

Sounds like these comments by Man Up and some of the other ones are by Ryland employees. I will continue to spread the word of what complete *** these houses and factory-like ryland neighborhoods are! It is so obvious that a ryland troll is around replying to these posts.

to Ryland trolls #879257

Just like them to pass the buck. Ryland is so obvious "contact ur local council person".

He should have anyone, Just not us! Hilarious!

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