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I can't tell you just how devastating it is to invest so much time, money and emotion into building a home only to have it all ripped away simply for asking something to be done right or to be corrected. Ryland (now CalAtlantic) homes would rather stand behind their attorney and not their product. This company canceled our contract, keeping our earnest money and the house. How in the world can this be considered fair or even legal just for asking that what we are paying for to be done right? How are builders getting away with this and staying in business with such horrible customer service?

When the mistakes are not corrected or acknowledged, the builder finally blames the homeowner, using numerous tactics, excuses and false claims like; “we weren’t ready to close on the date they selected” or criticizing us for "blowing the problems all out of proportion," a phrase much favored by builders caught in their mistakes. Or: "She's very picky. Nothing pleases her. This is a kind of defensive posturing that protects the builder from accountability.

From the very start (May of 2015) and continuing on for 9 months we have had so many issues along the way. Despite all the problems and horrible customer service we pressed on because we had no other choice or we would lose our $5,000 in earnest and options money. However, we reached our breaking point towards the end of the build with a major stone application debacle. I listed some of Ryland/CalAtlantic homes negligence that has made this the worst experience of our lives. I can only describe this experience as the material equivalent of rape!

1. The Lot location we understood to be purchasing is not the lot listed in the contract. The sales agent did not inform us that she changed the Lot. She changed the location without our knowledge because she screwed up by selling us a lot that would not accommodate the floor-plan we selected. The buyer found out a month later at the design center when choosing our brick and stone. The rude sales agent made up a false story claiming she told the buyer this on the day we signed the contract. We were made to accept the change because the desired lot had been sold to someone else and there was not a desired alternative.

2. The sales agent lied to us again by assuring us we could customize the plan by moving the kitchen island to allow more space between the cabinets and stove door. Once again we were misled in order to get us to sign a contract. She repeatedly lied to us, saying “we would made the request for structural customizations at the builder meeting”, however during that meeting we presented our request to the foreman and he claimed it was too late for any changes. We were left with no other option but to move forward and settle for confined space in the kitchen. The builder compromised by providing an alternate stove with two doors that are shorter to allow more room between stove and island. However we again were forced to make an exception.

3. The purchase incentives and original plan for approval included wood flooring in the hall to master area, and then the design center representative put an extraordinary charge for the square small six foot area; $511.00, almost $100 per foot. More than three times the amount in any other area of the home, and it was shown to be included on the plans the builder provided for us to approve with a signature. Again, this sparked another frustrating battle with the rude sales agent/corporate /foreman etc.

4. The sheet rock application was very poorly done with huge gaps and severely broken pieces that were left in place barely hanging to the framing. We were told it would all be hidden when they floated the house. The seams and the so called “repaired” areas are still very apparent.

5. The gas drop we were paying extra for was to be added to the outside patio and was left off by the plumbers so it had to be routed from a different location then we selected. We had to compromise “again” to make adjustments for THEIR mistake and move the location without recourse.

6. The cedar supports on the front of the house were so severely split that they had to be removed and replaced only because we pointed it out. The Foreman should never have allowed them to be hung in the first place. They were replaced after the bricks were applied, so now there are broken bricks in the wall. The foreman didn’t care that the bricks are cracked and broken and refused to address the issue. We had no recourse to get the broken pieces replaced.

7. The outside plug on the front entry is not installed correctly and is tilted at such a steep angle that it is most likely usable. The foreman said it was acceptable to him and told us to move on.

8. The wiring panel in the master closet is not in the location that we selected. We were made to accept the location due to the time and expense of moving it. The Builders negligence in this matter we were again made to just accept and move on.

9. The lights and ceiling fans are not the color that we selected in the design center, which was brushed nickel. The color was not on the check sheet; therefore the order was placed for whatever color the builder wanted. The VP of sales committed to change the lights before closing however they are not changed as of this writing.

10. We specifically selected ceilings to be painted white and would be paying extra for this option. The painter did not paint all of the ceilings white throughout the house. He was left to decide which ones he wanted to paint and the construction supervisor did not give direction to the painter. The buyer had to follow up many times to get this costly upgrade completed. The painter actually pushed back saying that he didn’t want to paint them all white and many are still not painted.

11. The YELLOW (normally white in this day and age) switches and plug cover plates clash severely with the wall color. The construction supervisor indicated that white was not an option however other new builds in the neighborhood have white cover plates installed.

12. The stone application on the house is not what was ordered and applied very poorly. The builder acknowledged it was not correct and had the mason remove it. The same inexperienced mason was hired to attempt another application and the same poor workmanship results were achieved. We witnessed the construction supervisor handing the mason a poorly printed black and white paper image of what was to be expected. A qualified and skilled mason would not make such drastic mistakes twice, nor would he need such direction. A skilled Mason would know how English Cobblestone should be applied. The stone is not applied the same on all areas across the front of the house and appears four different ways. The builder is telling us to accept the stone as is and move to immediate closing.

13. The brick area around the stone that was removed and replaced was not acid washed and cleaned as it should have been. These areas have an inconstant appearance with rest of the brick on the home as a result of the stone removal. The areas have a gray ashy appearance. The Brick mailbox was also not acid washed and has the same mismatched off putting appearance.

14. The mortar around the stone application is not finished and brushed correctly to be uniform. The color of the mortar is inconsistent around the stone and does not present as ordered and expected by the builder or buyer. The mortar is two different colors due to the second stone repair attempt because not all of the WRONG stone was fully removed and replaced. To save money the builder attempted to patch areas mixing the wrong stone with the corrected stone only adding to the ridiculously obvious inconsistencies.

15. The garage door paint has been stained by the mortar from the second stone application and should be repaired, replaced or repainted. The foreman committed to having the doors repainted and they have not as of this writing.

16. The foundation is broken and missing a huge portion around the front porch area. The mason filled the broken area in with the stonework. Aside from looking terrible, it may compromise the foundation integrity.

17. The builder’s agent and other representatives issued numerous threats to cancel the contract verbally and in writing when we asked for corrective action to any mistakes they made or any flaws that the buyer pointed out during the build processes.

18. On 10/9/15 we were emailed a closing notification with a date and time of 11/23/15 at 10:00am even though the home was incomplete and not ready to close. For over a month we attempted calling and emailing Rylands closing coordinator, whom was unresponsive when addressed with questions regarding our closing concerns. The branch manager, B*b M******d, also did not respond to emails or phone calls. His only implied concern was to why we were using a different lender other than Ryland’s.

19. The sod was laid so poorly it is now dead in many various locations around the property. There was still trash and debris in the dirt, and the sod was put down without preparing the dirt and removing the trash or any debris left behind by the contractors.

20. Roof shingles have yet to lay flat as they should have at this point 7 months later.

21. Holes left in the wall around multiple outlets and light switches. WE had to point this out to the lead builder during our walk-thru.

22. Upstairs forth guest bedroom bathtub severely fractured leaving a large gaping hole in the fiberglass. Specialist had to come out to repair the damage and only patched the area rather than replacing the tub.

23. Recently discovered the areas lead builder/foreman was arrested for a terrorist threat against a family/household, which solidifies our complaints about the bullies they hire, not to mention untrustworthy people overseeing the build of our lifelong investment.

24. The foreman numerous times ordered and installed the wrong products, for example, the stove/range took three attempts to get the correct oven/range installed. When we pointed out the wrong oven was installed twice, his response was "oh well my girlfriend needed a new oven anyway." Apparently when they order these items they are not returnable according to him, so the builder either is out the cost, or tries to force the mistake onto the buyer. Or in this case the foreman got 2 new ovens making money off of the company or us, or both.

25. The garage is not finished out properly. The walls have sheetrock missing around the edges as well as holes in various places.

26. The Foreman repeatedly told us we would probably close in Late December or early January. However, due to all of the above listed items and the stone issue not being resolved, Ryland has tried to accuse us of breeching our contract, being too picky, not being prepared to close, or we were simply just too hard to satisfy, which none of this is true. Ryland could not and did not deliver the finished product as promised and then cancelled our 12/28/15 scheduled closing. At this time our lender can no longer hold the loan because it’s also costing them money, and we will have to start the loan process all over again. We are also in an apartment we expected to be out of by now, so our lease is now up and we are required to move and pay additional costs to movers, deposits, storage etc. This has cost us thousands of dollars, time and extreme stress.

27. Regardless of the lead builder, managers, customer service and sales agents etc being aware, notified and viewing the photos of the poor workmanship and other problems, they were still trying to force us to close on this property. Clearly they do not care about their product or their buyers!

28. Here are the costs we have been out thus far due to Rylands carelessness and cancelling our closing.

Deposit to Ryland 4850.00

Flood insurance 989.00

Appraisal fee 500.00

January 2016 lease 1603.00

February 2016 lease 1803.00

February 2016 new lease 303.00

March 2016 lease 1773.00

Moving expenses 500.00

Pet deposit fee in new apartment 250.00

January storage fee 150.00

February storage fee 150.00

March storage fee 150.00

Estimated difference of same size and location of home at today’s market price +$20,000.00

Our Car four year car lease was up so it had to be returned. We could not purchase or lease a new vehicle for consideration of loan qualification. Now the cost and pain and suffering of living with a single vehicle between two people.

We feel there are substantial grounds for a charge of Deceptive Trade Practice as well as negligence and poor workmanship. When the home was presented to have a specific stone application and a living lawn but instead we have been offered substandard and lower quality workmanship that Ryland refuses to address and instead cancelled the purchase contract.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $409921. This person is overall dissatisfied with Ryland Homes and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about ryland homes construction at Ryland Homes was entire staff not taking responsibility Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Not that any of this is your fault... but this is how it should have gone...

"This isn't the lot that we chose."

"Yeah, the lot you picked doesn't allow for your floor plan."

"Cancel the contract."

to Anon #1490118

We had a similar issue with a well known builder in Texas. After 4 months of lies and misleadings (and no sheetrock!), we canceled our contract.

They said we'd lose the $15K we had paid in upgrades, but once my lawyer called and I threatened to sit outside the development with pictures and warning signs noting the shoddy work being done, I got a call from the company VP, asking what he could do to settle the issue.

I not only got my $15K back, but an extra $10K for the trouble we'd experienced. Stand up to these folks when they act like clowns

Wharton, Texas, United States #1224025

You bought from a trac home builder. They are all the same.

Maybe a trac home wasn't for you.

to Anonymous Canyon Lake, Texas, United States #1249401

Shouldn't matter. Quality and customer service are promised by these builders and not delivered!

This is unacceptable with any purchase but especially with the most important purchase a person will make in their lives. Pretty soon these companies will be held accountable for their negligence. It's rampant and these companies are careless thieves with fraudulent business tactics.

It's down right disgusting and pathetic! Period!

to Anonymous #1414980

I agree we had similar problems with Lennar. They just don't care and they are all the same.

They still sell homes.

There should be laws protecting the consumer from these practices. Buying a home should be a wonderful experience not a horrible one.


Unbelievable! It's not just the builders...the contractors suck, too.

I was swindled by a conman named Flentrus Murdock from Garcileem Designs.

Unlicensed thief and liar. Talk about a nightmare!


I really appreciate you going into detail about this builder. I can't imagine what you and your family has been gone through.

My husband and I are in the process of finding a builder and unfortunately, stories like yours are not the exception...

This sort of thing has been my biggest concern and I'm to the point that I'll wait to build until I find a reliable, honest, quality builder before I do anything. Good luck - I hope things eventually work out.

to Anonymous #1128060

Thank you for the kind words. It has been a real nightmare.

My advice would be to just watch out and go with your gut. If it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. I got instant bad vibes from the sales agent the day we viewed the model home, she was awful! READ READ READ the contract.

I can't stress this enough! I would hire a real estate attorney to go with you on contract signing day to help you better understand the contract. Builders use cunning little word tricks that you agree to without realizing it until its too late.

Get everything in writing.This is a huge investment and hiring an attorney to help protect your future is worth every penny! Good luck and beware

to Anonymous Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1249275

Excellent advice. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I am doing my research on Florida home builders so that I don't end up in the same situation as those who purchased homes from KB Home, Richmond American Homes, and Dr.

Horton Homes. Lennar isn't accredited by the BBB, so I'm wary of them too.

to Anonymous Indian Trail, North Carolina, United States #1336450

The BBB is not reputable. Here's what I learned about them - you can pay to have bad reviews removed.

If you see a bad review it most likely means the company didn't pay the fee.

They are a private company, not a gov't agency. They have no desire to do anything other than get the money from the companies who pay them for their good ratings.


to Anonymous #1414982

Stay away from Lennar. This I can tell you from experience. An awful company.

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