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RYLAND HOMES are poor quality with bad management, they are crooks. They over price their homes for the mess you end up with. The house may look nice but after 4 months to a year your house will fall apart. Once they get your money they wont assist you with your troubles so forget asking them to help you with problems THEY caused.

Spare yourself the time and the headache do not purchase from this home construction company. Thank me later for sparing you the b.s they will put you through. My last home was RYland Homes and I never made they mistake again!

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Dundee, Illinois, United States #1047363

Thank you for the advise! We were looking into those homes and now we both are like "oh dammit!" Hope you situation was fixed with the home builder?

This would be my dream home and without the kindness of people like you; it really helps to know this! Best Wishes!


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