Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Two weeks after I moved in my basement floor cracked and water seeps in.a year later my roof leaked so badly when I looked at it the plywood had 2 inch gaps and the shingles wore front door frame rotted away and my gutters keep falling off.there's always a crack in my livingroom ceiling. Even when I patch it it comes back.and there are cracks in my foundation. My siding is very loose and my basement stairs were made with old scrap floor is so weak everytime my dog walks across it the whole entire floor shakes.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #702629

What year is this review from? Ryland hasn't built in NJ for at least 10 years.. at least.

to Barney #879260

And how would someone from Orlando, FL know this if he wasn't a Ryland troll!?! U are making this company look worse than it already is with all our useless posts and attempts of covering up Ryland's mistakes.

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