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The vertical trim was not properly installed (see pict.). While still under warranty we submitted a claim. Ryland would not honor it. As a result the mortar is falling off and maybe water is getting in the wall. None of the other condos have such a lousy finish. Their explanation was : since this is a construction home meaning not a custom home , we should expect inferior quality. no amount of persuasion would help. Workmanship of these houses... Read more

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I'm writing again about, how Ryland/CalAtlantic homes showing more excuses and devious way to excuse them self again out of doing the right thing. Previously, I have written about the curb grading issues where every time either raining or neighbors watering their lawn will create standing water problem at front of my house. As I have mentioned previously that curb grading (standing water) issue existed even before my family moved into a new... Read more

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My review I am sharing everywhere. We continue to have issues with Ryland/Calatlantic Homes. Please reconsider other builders. We continue to have quality issues ( been in house for about 10 months). Plus, the warranty dept will not help with any construction issues ( yes, we still have construction issues). They will continue to do a little as possible and apply band aids where they feel to keep you quiet long enough so that the initial year... Read more

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To write up another complaint due to S&S (don't know what it stands for) stating that I do not have bases on the issues I have been trying to have them fix since one year and four months ago, but according to local warranty people S&S came out and inspected the issues but found it (curb) to be bone dry. If they are so confident on their inspection result why is it they have to come out secretively without notifying me to be there to explain... Read more

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Nothing will bring back our initial excitement of buying and building our first home, what a dream come true but that dream has became continuous nightmare from day one right after signing my life away (closing) it really became and consume of my life now. 1. Standing water issue since July 2015 with many many emails and phone calls it still no fix and there is no ending to this problem even though construction manager and sale manager promised... Read more

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2015 I have purchased a house in Tampa, Florida this house is our first house and at beginning (before signing that important document) sales personnel and construction manager was so nice and professional I felt that I could trust them to get things done in satisfactory way. Even before that faithful day signing of the document to take over the house as ours, there were a issue that needed to be addressed (curb grading, standing water at the... Read more

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Ryland Homes Customer Care Review from Chicago Ridge, Illinois
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Well nothing has changed with the grass... I'm still waiting on my grass issue.. But as you see in the pictures... We are dealing with stagnant water in a retention pond. They sent someone out to cut the weeds down but as you see in the picture all the debris is lying on top of the water.. Water is not moving nor are they putting in a sprinkler or a fountain to get the water circulating. So my self and my neighbors cannot even go out as you see... Read more

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Urgent matter Structural issues with plan 1 sendero rmv please call asap 949.491.2273

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I bought a Ryland home 5 years back in Atlanta. Now outside wooden mold is coming out. I submitted a service request but got an email reply without a visit from Ryland that wood mold is coming out because it was not painted. (So buyer beware a Ryland home will fall apart in 5 years if it is not painted.) After several email voice mail and a warning for legal notice; finally got a rude service man name John Pytleski who was angry that why I... Read more

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RYLAND ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! We signed a contract in Nov. 2013 in Cedar Park and moved in July 2014 despite a LONG list of things that were not done/completed/correct. I have been calling and emailing for ten months—the phone number on warranty stuff rings a "funny" busy 24/7, and emails go unanswered—NOT bounced—UNANSWERED. Hey Ryland, it's 2016 and you can FWD phone calls and emails to your current manager, CalAtlantic Homes! COMPLETELY... Read more

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