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It would be cheaper to build a home by hand than bying an overpriced and shoddily buit Ryland Home. My wifes car in the garage has as much snow on it as if it were parked outside due to a defective design for the roof vent. This is only the latest in a very long string of defects and horrible things that have had to be corrected. Also had water coming through a vent fan in this storm. There have... Read more

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My whole side of my Ryland home had to be totally dismantled and rebuilt because of faulty construction. I need to know how to speak with some one from Ryland. My home was built in 1990. It has been freezing cold so bad that my Jacuzzi in the master bath froze. After this past week I know why. The Thermoply sheeting had holes in it and we're patched with silver tape and some two by fours were not... Read more

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The product I was interested in and was really willing to purchase is in Henderson Nevada along Serean BLVD. I was in there yesterday and the representative was very condescending and arrogant to myself and my agent. In all actuality he did not know much about the product or The vacant land around the half million + homes. The model I was looking at would be well above $900,000 as a business... Read more

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Ryland builder hire cheap contractor to build townhome, bad architect designed townhome, bad hvac designed and install air conditioning contractor ac unit under capacity , plumbing system does not have hot water circulation bypass line, it takes time to get hot water to shower and faucet, cheap appliances, low quality widows, cheap siding making noisemakers even 20 mph wind. Garage door... Read more

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I bought my house about 3 years ago. In three years my air condition broke 5 times. The granite on my kitchen it seems they broke it and they fixed that you couldnt see the damage now you can see all the area that they broke it look so ugly, I never used the dishwasher, when we did the closing the dishwasher was not place on place, they fix it. The other day I was going to use it and almost I... Read more

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Whatever you do, do not let Ryland build you a house. Even though they've been acquired, I can't believe that their low quality and *** customer service can change. It took us a year and nearly $900k to get a POS. They treat their subs like *** and it shows Add comment

Attic trusses are cracked & bowed, home is only 5 years old. Need to know how to file a claim. Add comment

Here it is in a nut shell: I have a 820 credit score, excellent job history, excellent income, only 1 debt which is my truck loan and have been sending documents constantly to these people in order to get my loan wrapped up for the closing that is to take place in 2 days. I've been patient up until today. Different people asking for the same *** documentation which has already been sent more... Read more

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I purchased a town home in the Norbeck Crossing Community 3 months ago. I found out last week that the 1 of 2 HVAC unit is not and still is not working properly. I found this out because Metcalfe Heating & Air called to schedule an appointment to replace a part. When I questioned as to whether they had the right address they said yes, and that they have been trying to schedule this repair... Read more

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check out " towsontimes and oakleigh " A reporter showed up in our tiny neighbor hood last week doing a story about the closing of one of our streets. However what he found was a much larger story about "CalAtlantic/Ryland Homes and the under mining things they have been up to as of late. Like the sending of nasty horrible letters to anyone that has a "sign" up telling new-comers the truth about... Read more

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