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Defective windows/Guardian on a house built in 2006 in the Forum in Ft. Myers. Window balancers cost $200 to repair. Hard to find a company to do work.

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Multiple issues before buying with Terri in the office, during construction with both Terri and Tom and it got even worse after we owned the home. Don't believe a word these two say. You will get nothing from them. Terrible workmanship and customer service.

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Ryland Homes, I need someone in Under management me contact about this driveway cracking, I have said before this start before the year had end for the warranty. I move into this home at 6015 Quiet Night Lane, Converse, TX 78109 on about 10 or 18 May 2015, today is 18 Jul 2016. Before I get some legal advice about this issue with Ryland Homes Builder. I have spoken with SAWS they refer with back to my Builder Ryland homes. I do believe the poor... Read more

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I have to pay $300 just to sell my house

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We were approved to build a home with Ryland Homes, we were tolled to pay the down payment first in order to start building, ($8200) .. 2 weeks before closing on the house we were disqualified for the loan, my wife and my 2 kids were devastated.... The strange think we were tolled by the sales person (Cheryl) if we got disqualified for any reason, we will get a our down payment back... WE GOT NOTHING. Just be careful before you build new home... Read more

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My sales person Cal-Atlantic only told half-truths. Just said enough to pull me in, then when challenged at a later date he would say “I didn’t think I had to explain the whole thing”. It was like this pretty much through the entire process and when I talked to his boss and told her the issues, she backed him even though she knew his was misleading. I then called the corporate office and the big boss got things corrected immediately. It was a... Read more

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Sewer gas coming up , no reply from Ryland... Several complaints very unhappy I purchased a Ryland / Cal Atlantic Home in Edgewater Crown Point In Read more

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I also have a Ryland home and it has multiple issues but the reason I am writing is to link Ryland Homes to their new name. It appears Ryland was merged, purchased by, or they purchased the company CalAtlantic Homes and are now operating under that company name. Most online references to Ryland outside of complaints now link to CalAtlantic homes. CalAtlantic is rated by the Better Business Bureau and has a fair history. Unfortunately that... Read more

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Sale counselor Ms. Heather Issac talks to us in an intimidating way after we paid money. The new townhouse has 23 problems based on professional inspection. My husband and I closed/purchased our townhouse on May 31st, 2016. After we moved in, we have found that the stairs cannot be walked on because of nails, the windows cannot be opened because of no screens, the bathroom cannot be used because of pipe breakdown and molds. After we told Ryland... Read more

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We recently bought a Ryland home in Golden Colorado. This is an experience that I recommend any person considering a new home AVOID. Understandingly large builders have to rely on sub-contractors and cant watch over every part of the construction, but there seemed to be little to NO oversight by Ryland's superintendents and project managers - if you want to call them that. The mistakes include lights that were not lined up, plumbing clean-outs... Read more

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