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I have not purchased a home from Ryland and I never will. I have the great misfortune of having a house that backs up to property they are building a community on. Since they started building this neighborhood they have been running construction almost 24/7. This includes weekends and late nights. At least they are no longer shining work lights into my backyard (and subsequently bedroom), but the incessant beeping of heavy equipment is very... Read more

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OMG- thanks for sharing all this... and i have been hunting for the new home and happened to meet with Ryland folks on majority of the communities in Atlanta and all are unprofessional & unethical sales people and they don't even know the proper measurement if you ask on any of the lots and if you ask any indepth questions look at their faces they freak out...and having some sought of knowledge and they just speak some *** irrelevant stories to... Read more

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We purchased a townhouse in Maple Glen @ Seven Oaks in Wesley Chapel Fl. We have had nothing but trouble with this place. Leaking sewer pipes (twice) Damaged washer do to sand in lines , they never flushed the lines, this caused a leak which damaged the ceiling. Sewer leak in pantry caused wall , cabinet , and mold damage, took over two months to get the repairs and mold remediation completed, during the repairs they damaged the granite... Read more

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Ryland Homes - Ryland/CalAtlantic Horrible nightmare company
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I can't tell you just how devastating it is to invest so much time, money and emotion into building a home only to have it all ripped away simply for asking something to be done right or to be corrected. Ryland (now CalAtlantic) homes would rather stand behind their attorney and not their product. This company canceled our contract, keeping our earnest money and the house. How in the world can this be considered fair or even legal just for... Read more

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Ryland Homes - Landscape & Patio packages
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I waited 8 years to be able to buy a Ryland built house, I heard they were a great company and had wonderful customer support. Don't spend your money on a landscape package or cement patio off sliding doors. I spent an additional $1400.00 of hard earned money to make my first Ryland home look polished from the street and have a patio off my back sliders so the dogs would not track mud into the house. When I had my walk-through second week of... Read more

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I would like to share my unpleasant experience with Ryland Homes sales manager(Fishers, IN). Last week my client signed a contract with Ryland Homes on purchasing their spec home. Unfortunately he was mislead on some of the upgrades . I decided to address his concern with Ryland Sales Manager. His answer was" Since your client signed a contract this is a done deal. " Keep in mind my client is only 28 years old and first time home buyer. Ryland... Read more

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From: Cesar Tamez [] Sent: Monday, January 25, 2016 5:23 PM To: Kathy Delgado Subject: Worst Home Purchase Experience Mrs. Kathy Delgado, You may have noticed that we already did the closing of our house? or not? Seriously, I can not find words to express something that is so hard to say. I will not find enough words to say that experience in buying our house with Ryland Homes (CalAtlantic) is the worst experience... Read more

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Stop using Ars for any of your jobs. Alot of contractors have stop using them for there hvac systems. Poor workmanship and poor managment. There using subs to put in these system which is against the law. Add comment

Ryland Homes Location: Rushley Road and Littlewood, Parkville MD 21234. If you find yourself lookin at this location and am interested in spending half a MILLION dollars.......please take the time and ask Ms. Julia (one of Rylands reps.) Is there a water problem and are ANY of the homes being built ....on TOP of Underwater Springs ? Also you may wish to take a look at the traffic in the area. This project alone well bring 340 more cars per day... Read more

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It would be cheaper to build a home by hand than bying an overpriced and shoddily buit Ryland Home. My wifes car in the garage has as much snow on it as if it were parked outside due to a defective design for the roof vent. This is only the latest in a very long string of defects and horrible things that have had to be corrected. Also had water coming through a vent fan in this storm. There have been too many things that have been substandard... Read more

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